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Nemeth Air Conditioning, Inc. has been serving the western Florida region for 20 years. They provide installation and service to both residential and commercial customers. Installing and servicing all types and brands of air conditioning and heating units, some of their commercial installations include schools, banks, churches, office buildings, shopping centers and more. Some of their residential installations include custom homes for some of the largest and most reputable home builders.

Dollar-for-dollar BidClerk has been our best source of lead generation - hands down. Their bid reporting is accurate and up-to-date and I find the daily e-mail blasts an invaluable part of my sales arsenal. There is no question that we have landed contracts and built relationships that would never have come to pass had it not been for the BidClerk service. I would highly recommend BidClerk to any business looking to increase their business volumes (except to my competitors). Curt Searles - Director of Business Development
Nemeth Air Conditioning, Inc.
Fort Myers, FL

A one-stop shop

Headquartered in beautiful Charlotte, N.C., Extended Stay America leads its field, offering the largest number of extended stay hotels in the United States. They operate nearly 700 hotels across the U.S. and Canada, with more than 75,000 rooms. Because they fully own and operate all Extended Stay America hotels, they can hold each to a consistent high standard in guest service. They recently thoroughly refreshed all of our properties with major renovations, and inspect and review each hotel yearly to ensure that our rigorous company standards are met and that you experience a stay worth repeating. At Extended Stay America, the world's most popular extended stay hotel, great value means more than just great prices.

BidClerk has enabled our company to stay ahead of the game in terms of "finding out first" about projects, start dates and companies involved. The information gathered on each project is so thorough that it is a one-stop shop for us. My favorite feature is the direct e-mail link that is included; it gives you an automatic "in" with the project owners/managers who are fellow BidClerk subscribers. In this day and age, we'll take any advantage we can get! Larry Broderick - Regional Director of Sales
Extended Stay Hotels
Pittsburgh, PA

Accurate and updated

Dudick Inc. located in Northeast Ohio is a world leader in High Performance Coatings, Floorings, and Tank Linings. For over 40 years we have provided solutions in corrosion resistance and chemical containment systems for food processing, steel production, chemical processing, pulp and paper, electronics, power, and biological research labs. Our products meet the stringent requirements of FDA, USDA, and NSF. We currently manufacture in Streetsboro, Ohio; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Seoul, Korea; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The accuracy of the BidClerk reports have been very impressive and beneficial to our inside and outside sales staff...Prior to subscribing to the BidClerk service, our staff spent a lot of time verifying the information on your competitors report and when it was inaccurate, spent more time trying to get the correct information. We are way ahead of the game with BidClerk...information is accurate and updated so we can just forward onto our installers to bid the project. Teresa Showalter - Business Development/Project Management
Dudick Inc.
Streetsboro, OH

See what other customers have to say.

We had been using a different service, but after using it for a year, decided to look around to see if we could get a better service, at a better price. I paid the 5.95 to try your service and was immediately impressed with it. It is wonderful that you can phone in and get your "customer service department" without a hassle. Each one of them can help you out; you're not transferred from one person to another. I must say, you have them all trained quite well, and they are so helpful. I especially like the daily alerts that are emailed to me. I like knowing what is coming up for bid, and can immediately view the report. I also like that I receive, thru email, an alert to let me know if a project has changed its status. From bidding to low bidder or that it has been awarded and to who. Your service covers everything I need to know about a project. Here's to a long and lasting relationship. Kay Davis
Master Fence Rental -  Aurora, IL
Over the years I have utilized many news services for our business and BidClerk is far and away the most comprehensive and up-to-date service I have found. The information provided on the site is always first rate! Jim Asbury
Area Director
SBD Reprographics - An ARC company -  Indianapolis, IN
Dollar-for-dollar BidClerk has been our best source of lead generation - hands down. Their bid reporting is accurate and up-to-date and I find the daily e-mail blasts an invaluable part of my sales arsenal. There is no question that we have landed contracts and built relationships that would never have come to pass had it not been for the BidClerk service. I would highly recommend BidClerk to any business looking to increase their business volumes (except to my competitors). Curt Searles
Director of Business Development
Nemeth Air Conditioning, Inc. -  Fort Myers, FL
BidClerk has been an eye opener. I have subscribed to the typical construction bid list since 1982. Often when I have gotten the list, the bid has already happened. Sometimes I have ordered plans for a project and it is not as described and is a waste of my money and time. I'm impressed with the number of projects that are within my scope and the amount of information with each description. Plan on me continuing my subscription. Brian Taylor
Architectural Woodwork Ltd. -  Conway, NH
BidClerk has become an integral part of my everyday routine. The value of your information and the ability your service gives us to prospect for new jobs has made a huge impact for our company. As far as cost goes, BidClerk's value is unmatched. Casey  Huskey
Business Development
Perfection Structural Components, LLC -  Topeka, KS
We are a family owned business that works with churches throughout the Southeast on Furnishing their facilities. We have built our business the old fashion way of driving around and stopping at churches to see if they might have any needs. We have felt that there had to be a better way to find active projects who we could then simply make telephone calls to. We discovered BidClerk a few weeks ago and have been extremely pleased with not only the detailed information available on the projects listed, but also the quality of the projects. We believe that simply from the response we have gotten on just a few of the projects that this source will generate more projects than we would have possible found through other sources. We don't believe we could have found a better source to help us. Michael Carr
Carr and Company Church Furnishings -  Palm Harbor, FL
Our company has been a BidClerk subscriber for a while, however, it has been just recently that we've fully integrated it into our sales program. We had no idea how powerful it could be! BidClerk has quickly become our primary lead-generation tool! The search functions have a tremendous amount of flexibility and produce not only numerous projects leads, but also provide a wealth of critical contact data that otherwise would take hundreds of hours to track down. Within weeks, we've already realized the value BidClerk brings to our sales department. BidClerk is helping us to work smarter, not harder! Ed Herman
Sales & Marketing Manager
Cellox, LLC -  Reedsburg, WI
Of all the search engines available for construction products, I find BidClerk the easiest to use, with the greatest coverage, for the best price. I anticipate it to continue being my first choice for our project search engine. Tom Shouf
Phoenix Builders, Ltd. -  Rolling Meadows, IL
You guys have a great service! We literally are on BidClerk every day and have it set as my homepage. We have multiple divisions throughout the Southeast and BidClerk is the only definitive service that allows us to search projects for all of our companies. Keep up the great work! Cortney Macke
Estimating Department
Riverstone Development Group, Inc. -  Sylva, NC
I have to say it was amusing receiving your e-newsletter today, because I was just "singing your praises" to a friend who works for another company. I forwarded him a copy of the newsletter and told him he would never regret giving BidClerk a try. ATC has been with BidClerk for several years now, and can't be happier with the results. Being responsible for the marketing in our office, I find myself going back to the website a couple times in any given day, because there are so many opportunities there I always find something that I overlooked the previous time. BidClerk is so easy to use, everything just a click away. My personal favorite option is being able to email right from the project itself. I cannot say enough good things about BidClerk, and I have recommended BidClerk to so many people you would think I actually worked for you. Thanks for all the leads and keep them coming!!!! Diana  Brown
Marketing Coordinator
ATC Associates Inc. -  Highland, IN
BidClerk, I ask you please do not advertise your website, I am finding projects in Michigan that none of these contractors out here know about all because of your website. Your market share for our area is through the roof. I have gotten so much work from your site and am only getting more by using your service. BidClerk, keep up the GREAT WORK. Jeff Szukhent
Regional Sales Manager
Sto-ex -  Flushing, MI
We wish we had found your website 3 years ago, it would have saved us a lot of money. We've spent thousands of dollars since then with McGraw Hill and have found many of the same projects on your site for much less money. When my friend first referred me to BidClerk it sounded too good to be true. Now I know it's not. Thank You! Billie Sumner
Marketing Department
Preferred Seating -  Indianapolis, IN
We are a full service electrical and data communications contractor. We really like the BidClerk service. The price is right and the leads are great. So many of the other online plan rooms are expensive with limited resources. Keep up the good work!! Rena Geise
Project Estimator
Guardian Electric, inc. -  Omaha, NE
One thing I must say about BidClerk is that most the jobs are very current and I have been awarded jobs that I would have never known about in my own area. No service is perfect, but this one has definitely been an asset to my business. Alex Francese
APF Fire Protection, Inc. -  Wallkill, NY
I have used nearly every other service for finding leads, and I can honestly recommend BidClerk.Com as one of the best. Even though it is far less expensive, I find that project quality to be superior to most, and I love that the coverage of my area is so comprehensive. For what we do, it has been really helpful. Thanks. Iris Ramos
Vice-President of Marketing
JCR Inspection Services, Inc. -  Glendale, CA
Prior to using BidClerk we were using several different lead services that were not providing us with information that we needed in order to expand our business. BidClerk has helped us know when commercial cabinetry jobs are bidding and makes it easy for me to find those projects and bid on them. This site has produced a lot of projects for us, which has amounted in a lot of money for our company. You guys have done a great job and please keep up the excellent work! Sylvia Flanders
Designer Cabinetry -  Gaston, SC
We are in the design/build of kitchen equipment and BidClerk has worked out wonderfully for our company. All we do is put in Food Service Equipment as a keyword search and find all the jobs that are using that service. Once we find the architects that are working on those projects we are able to see all the other projects they are working on and set our company up with more jobs. Also with the ability to set reminders and notes on projects we are able to stay more organize and more in touch with the jobs we want to work on. The site works perfect for us and has grown our business so we are busy year round. Excellent job and keep up the great work. Guenter Toska
Sales Manager
Toaks Foodservice Systems, Inc. -  Brookfield, WI
The basic format of your service is really easy to use. I love it. I've been looking at other bid reports for years and this is the first one that truly offers everything I'm looking for. My company has netted twenty serious projects from it so far. I couldn't be happier with the service. Robert Northrup
Regional Contract Sales Manager
The Westye Group, SC  -  Houston, TX
I enjoy using BidClerk for educational purposes. It's great to be able to find out what's going on in the construction industry in my area. BidClerk's coverage of the private and public sphere, along with its easy, simple design make it a great tool for me. Jared Bogaard
Bogard Construction, Inc. -  Santa Cruz, CA
With BidClerk I have the ability to do something that really separates you guys from the competition. I've decided that after decades in the construction industry the only way to get ahead is to focus my efforts in one area, in particular, the retail and restaurant world. Rather than bid every job under the sun, BidClerk gives me the ability to find out about all of the restaurants in a chain being built nearby and, more importantly, see who is involved and what other general contractors are bidding it, so that I know who my competition is. The search features are great, the site is well designed, and I've used it greatly to my advantage. Good work. John Friedberg
FJ Development -  Skokie, IL
In just the short time that I have been accessing Bidclerk.Com, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the site. I really like the specific information, and the ease of searching for specific projects. We are definitely pleased with the results we've managed to get so far from using your site. I only wish I had known about you a long time ago. Thanks for making my life easier! Rita Crowder
Area Sales Manager
CTS Technology Solutions, Inc. -  Sparta, IL
BidClerk has been unbelievable for me and my company. I have brought in about 8 million dollars worth of business since I began using this site. BidClerk is completely user friendly and has put me in touch with contacts that I will be able to maintain years down the road. All I can say is Thank You. Gregory Spina
G.M.S. Electrical Contracting Corp. -  Rockaway, NJ
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Learn more about the products and features available on BidClerk.

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